FROM THE DIRECTOR, Deborah Swingley

Welcome to the first issue of One Voice,  the new MCDD newsletter.

For some months now the Council has been working on rebranding the Council, our logo and website.   My thanks go out to the membership for their time and direction on the Council’s new look.

Here we are in federal fiscal year 2013.  The next few months promise to be very interesting as we have state and national elections.

For programs funded with domestic, discretionary dollars these are challenging times.  (see story below)

Soon Montana will have a new Governor,  and in  early January the  state legislature convenes.  There may  be more challenging times for the service delivery system .  Issues of provider rate increases, waiting list funding and the future of some public facilities may be addressed.

As you know from prior sessions, hearings and action on issues can move very quickly.   We will provide updates  and alerts to the membership as issues move through the session.

Let’s work collaboratively and proactively as these issues arise.  Together we can make a difference.