HHS Announces Technology-Enabled Services for Aging and Disability Resource Centers

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced $25 million in funding over the next three years to support technology-enabled Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) in almost every state. The funding for the Aging and Disability Resource Center Program was made available to the community through the ACA, and in partnership with the Veteran’s Health Administration. The VHA will provide funding for parallel ADRCs at VA Medical Centers. 3

HHS intends for the money to be used to strengthen existing ADRCs that help people learn about the long-term service and support programs that are available. Eight of the most promising state programs will be selected to create one-on-one service counseling programs to streamline intake and give the most custom-tailored and comprehensive discussion of care options available.


UCP has provided its annual rankings comparing intellectual and developmental disability services and quality of life for people with disabilities in each state http://www.ucp.org/Thecaseforinclusion_fullnarrative_final.pdf. This year shows that:

  • 36 states are serving 80% or more people with disabilities in (PWD) community settings, with 22 states providing home-like care to 80% or more PWD;
  • 11 states and Washington D.C. have no institutions to seclude people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and 12 states have one;
  • 29 states are using National Core Indicators to assess the quality of care they offer to PWD.

UCP through the report, provides state score cards for individuals, families and advocates to use to inform policy makers of their state strengths and needs.